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 “I want to make a tutu like that!” I hear this day, in day out - from students and professional costume makers, as well as mothers and grandmothers.

People see the tutus of professional ballerinas fluttering on stage and wish they could make a tutu that looks just as beautiful. And because I’ve been making ballet tutus for the best part of 20 years, for companies including the Royal Ballet, I’m often approached by people who want to learn how I do it.

Make your tutu dreams come true!

My clients and students call me The Tutu Fairy Godmother - because I make the tutus of their dreams appear as if by magic.

I share what I know in my classes at Morley College, but there are only so many students I can reach in person.  So I decided to create a set of videos to show you what makes a professional tutu, and with the pattern and net cutting instructions you can begin to do it yourself.

These videos will show you:

  •   the different components of a professional  tutu
  • Tools and materials you will need for best results
  •  different pleating /gathering techniques for different looks
  • An overview  of different styles of tutus

In  the first video “What makes a classical ballet  tutu “, I will show you the parts of a tutu and talk about the technique that make the English style  so distinctive.

To get the videos, the pattern and instructions and watch it right away, 
buy the tutu making starter course  now..
make a wish.....and let the magic begin!

with love

Anna Maria

The Tutu Making Starter Kit

Start your ballet tutu journey here:includes one PDF panty pattern, the net cutting chart and other resources, and 4 introduction videos

get an insight of the process of
making classical ballet tutus
for professional dancers

Anna Genuise

Anna Maria has been working with professional dancers for the best parts of 20 years, initially working with the Royal Ballet in London and later starting her own business Tutu Maker Studio.

She teaches tutu making at Morley College in London, and created an online course, Tutus Revealed, to share the wonderful skill of tutu making online.

She appeared on the BBC broadcast of ‘Dancing  the Nutcracker’ in 2016, a documentary about the Royal Ballet production

  • Tutu making starter course
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    Start your ballet tutu journey here: get one PDF panty pattern, the net cutting chart, and 4 introduction videos

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